Camp Taqanan is the first home one passes on Provost Point, a short gravel road that leads down a small peninsula jutting out into Cathance Lake, Maine.

      Taqanan LLC founder Penney Pike Lemon is a member of the third of five generations that have summered at Cathance Lake. The lot on which Camp Taqanan sits was owned by her great uncle, where he enjoyed glorious summer holidays with his family. It then passed to one of his children and that generation spent their summers relaxing, swimming, sailing and enjoying Cathance Lake. Other Pike relatives had cottages just down the lane, enhancing the summer experience. Two of those cottages still remain in the Pike family, including one owned by Penney.

     About 50 years ago the lot that Camp Taqanan sits on was sold out of the family.  Every summer, Penney would drive by the site on her way to her cottage and promise herself that, if given the opportunity, she would purchase the Camp and return it to a wonderful family summer getaway for other families to enjoy. In the summer of 2016, she had that opportunity and formed Taqanan LLC. After spending a year on renovations and remodeling the Camp, Taqanan LLC is able to offer the Camp as a weekly or monthly summer rental beginning in 2017.  

The Road to Camp Taqanan

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